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So I graduated high school and shit. And this weekend I'm making a road trip to SOUTH JERSEY! Going to represent the 609!
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That's it. I've had it.

After college me and Ash are moving to SoCo and getting a little apartment and learning how to be beach bums. Then a few years after that we'll come back to Brooklyn. That is if the prospect of Asbury Park and skeeball don't get us first.
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Kinda lame. A little waste of time.

which PUNK bands are better?
whos better? WHO OR WHO?
distillers or hole:I don't know who Hole is but they can't be worse than the distillers.
unseen or defiance:Defiance
casualties or lower class brats:LCB
virus or a global threat:AGT
the adicts or bouncing souls:Adicts
exploited or crass:Exploited
sex pistols or nirvana:They both are kinda shitty. Sex Pistols I guess.
ramones or clash:The Clash. By far the Clash.
4-skins or the business:Business
the germs or circle jerks:The Germs
the varukers or the vandals:Varukers
the devotchkas or the eyeliners:Devotchkas
the cramps or the templars:Cramps
discharge or conflict:That's a tough one. Discharge.
total chaor or leftover crack:Leftover Crack
cheap sex or dead kennedys:Dead Kennedys
999 or 7 seconds:999
turbonegro or stiff little fingers:No opinion
rancid or lars and the bastards:Both very bad.
angelic upstarts or anti-nowhere league:Angelic Upstarts
bad religion or minor threat:Bad Religion.
black flag or circle jerks:Black Flag
fear or GBH:GBH
sham 69 or cock sparrer:Cock Sparrer
u.k subs or u.s bombs:UK Subs
oxymoron or abrasive wheels:Both.
dropkick murphys or flogging molly:Dropkick
funeral dress or violent society:Violent Society
the riffs or the krays:Riffs
antidote or kraut:I don't know.
one way system or charge 69:One Way System
attak or skeptix:Skeptix
okay thats enough of that.. now we move on to something else..
write the first thing that comes to mind when i say these words
banana:Dead Boys
this quiz was:lame
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

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I made this new layout for my livejournal. It's nothing particularly impressive. Just something new. It reminds me of scotch tape.
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Christmas is a landmark holiday that says to update your journal. So I'm updating. I still rule.
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